Monday, October 4, 2010

6th Anual Healing Hands for Healthy Hooters

In 2005 Emma started the "Healing Hands for Healthy Hooters" program. Every year Emma has donated 50% of the proceeds of her hour long massages and gift certificate sales through the month of October to Breast Cancer charities/foundations. Over the last 6 years you our patients have helped us donate over $7000 to help the fight against breast cancer.

How breast cancer has affected me

“After seeing my Grandma and my Aunty Jean suffer through the mental and physical challenges of fighting breast cancer, I also noticed the huge toll the physical changes made to their confidence and especially the way they felt about themselves. There was little to no help offered to find wigs or prostheses, or even a lotion that would not irritate their skin. That is why this year I have decided to support Eden Spa at Florida Hospital .”

At the Eden Spa women can experience the kind of special services that renew the spirit and rejuvenate the body. They offer a full salon using safe products for chemo and irradiated skin, provide hair enhancements and wigs, mastectomy and post surgical bras and forms. Eden Spa also offers out patient lymphedema therapy and compression garments (ready to wear and custom).

As this is part of the hospital many of the services are covered by health insurance, however Eden Spa pride themselves on providing the patient what is needed not just what is a covered benefit. It is this attention to the patient’s needs that has inspired Emma to support their efforts this year with the annual Healing Hands for Healthy Hooters event.

I know many of you support women fighting cancer in many ways, why not treat yourself to a massage while you help us raise money. 50% of every hour long massage will go directly to the Eden Spa at Altamonte Springs

For more information please do not hesitate to contact Emma at or call (407) 657 5029.